• Hyperion Planning on Cloud

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Hyperion Planning on Cloud

What is planning in cloud:

Moving to an in-house enterprise best-practice approach for planning, budgeting, and forecasting for small to mid-size companies is difficult due to large upfront costs for licensing, hardware, ongoing maintenance, etc. SaaS models are a perfect solution for those wanting to make the initial jump into Oracle EPM but are very price-sensitive. The main driver is that 35% of large companies and as much as 65% of mid-size companies are still using spreadsheets or legacy apps to meet their core management processes.

The theme of the PBCS is “rapid deployment.” It is intended to be a way to get up and run quickly with no IT investment or hassle – and it’s up and running as quick as you can enter a credit card number.

What’s in It?

The basic Hyperion Planning software that you would expect is available on the cloud – the Workspace portal, Planning, Shared Services, Financial Reporting, Smart View Provider, and Essbase.

  •   Key Features
      Built-in application diagnostics to identify and guide design flaws such as outline structure, ordering block size, etc
      Built-in automatic scaling as you add users and increase usage
      Built-in fault tolerance and redundancy
      Enhanced administration functionalities for excel add-ins
  •   Hyperion Cloud Service is Useful for
      Mid-market companies who are not able to buy full licenses and/or maintain IT infrastructure. A great way to get mid-market companies out of spreadsheet mode into a feature-rich robust planning solution that larger companies use.
      Businesses that want to expand additional business units where the current hardware or budget is restrictive
      A sandbox: customers can use planning cloud services to carry out testing on a non-prod environment or have a place for development without the need for an IT overhead, or a temporary place to start development while on-premise hardware is acquired

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